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Our Open Door Policy

To make receiving regular chiropractic care even simpler, we have a true "open door" policy. After your first visit, no appointments are necessary. Just stop by on your scheduled appointment day any time during normal office hours, whenever it is best for you, without the stress of having to make, keep, change and reschedule appointments. Lots of convenient hours -- morning, afternoon and evening -- makes this easy for everyone.

Additionally, despite what you might assume about wait times, people in our office never wait more than a few minutes!

To schedule your first visit, call 480-821-8855.

Our Fee System

For those who decide to stay on and enjoy ongoing life-enhancing benefits of regular chiropractic visits, we have a unique, innovative approach to fees. We offer several different "memberships" for individuals and families. You pay one flat fee and then receive all the visits necessary.

This innovative approach to fees allows a very affordable way for you and your family to receive the same chiropractic care that chiropractors have given their own families for years.

No Gimmicks. No Contracts. No Hidden Fees. No Nonsense!

We think you'll really want to hear about it.

Give us a call at 480-821-8855.

  • No x-rays necessary     

  • No insurance necessary      

  • Open six days a week      

  • 34 years experience

A chiropractic office dedicated to the correction of vertebral subluxation.

We're talking LIFE here: Live it to the FULLEST!

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